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Adversity Breeds Insane Pleasure

While I hope interested parties have followed my author page on FB to track my continued existence, I have been absent from this forum due to some… adversity… that will only become public if the people involved decide to fight on the side of the powerful, privileged, and exploitative rather than the side of, well, decency. Meanwhile, facing a fairly Kafkaesque bureaucratic nightmare has produced stress that I’ve been doing my best to funnel into short fiction. Some of these are just in my files, and some will be out in anthologies before too long…

“Patrick’s Luck”: Set in the Whispering River asylum, familiar from LEAPING AT THORNS, this multi-perspective story about perverse forms of human experimentation takes you through mad levels of perception as it goes through levels of the asylum. [UNDER REVIEW]

“Lizard Chrome”: An army of supernatural lizards that change the colors of things around them invades Louisville’s 4th Street Live area. Chaotic slaughter ensues. First story in awhile in which I’ve written a character who is an obvious stand-in for me and then killed that character most spectacularly. [PROMISED TO AN ANTHOLOGY]

“Leer Reel”: Probably my favorite of recent efforts, but perhaps the most difficult to understand because, like the palindrome title, it twists backward and forward intellectually while assaulting you with some of the most extreme imagery I’ve invented in years. Introducing, the Hollow Julio Dance! [PROMISED TO AN ANTHOLOGY]

“Eternal Recurrence of Suburban Abortion”: This year’s Halloween story. While not as gory as “Leer Reel,” it’s a heckuva a lot darker. A journey into a creepy house becomes a surreal experience of rebirth/abortion. [FATE UNKNOWN]

“DNA”: Sci-fi horror, more human experimentation, but with people in a giant aquarium, giant flying tongues, and more than a little bit of Lovecraft. [I have an anthology in mind….]

“TR4B” [in progress]: I don’t even know if I can finish this one because it’s getting so weird. Do you know what a blood bird is? Apparently, this story does… [UPDATE 11/29/14: A complete draft now exists. It is a companion to “Eternal Recurrence of Suburban Abortion.” It makes sense for about 1,000 words and then goes completely psychotic.] [FATE UNKNOWN]

Stay tuned for news about where these horrors will be available…