This page offers some of my short fiction and excerpts from longer works. Please enjoy–and if you’d like to see more,  please let me know,


1. The Fate of Dr. Fincher

It’s the story that started it all, where “it all” is a cascade of horrors in my brain, horrors manifested so far in the form of several unpublished short stories and my forthcoming novel Burning the Middle Ground. While Burning the Middle Ground makes sense on its own, “The Fate of Dr. Fincher” reveals the first step in the wicked doctor’s world-changing scheme. The first step takes place in the early 20th century, when a young man named Louis Jardin finds Dr. Fincher’s dead body. This step marks the trail that leads inexorably to Burning the Middle Ground.


2. Burning the Middle Ground, “Prologue: False Start

Five years before the novel’s main action begins, 17-year-old Brian McCullough comes home from school to find unspeakable horrors. While the prologue focuses on a tragedy that seems human, as Burning the Middle Ground unfolds, Brian and others discover that the tragedy is the key to a supernatural conspiracy that will change Kenning, Georgia, and perhaps the entire world, forever.

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