Paranoia Engine 1: They Are Everywhere (Blue Jacket Conspiracy)

Classic conspiracies talk of black vans. In Burning the Middle Ground I warned you about the white ones. Classic conspiracies also talk about the men in black, who blend in. No. Look around you. See them. These are just random images I found online. But what if? Spread the warning.

They’re here already! You’re next! You’re next! You’re next…!


BlueBlazerBlond blazer-long-sleeve-shirt-cargo-pants-brogues-messenger-bag-pocket-square-belt-large-249

051512 - PALM BEACH - David Renna, Director of the Club division at The Breakers, poses for a photo to illustrate the versatility and tradition of the blue blazer.  David oversees all of the resort's club membership programs, The Breakers Ocean Club Membership including golf and tennis operations, The Breakers Rees Jones Course membership and the Phillips Point Club by The Breakers membership sales and services. David is also a father of two.  Photo by Tim Stepien

Photo by Tim Stepien

blueblazershades  bluejackethappyBlueJacketKhakiPants1

Indochino-Navy-Blue-Blazer-600   mens-navy-blue-blazer




BlueJacketAdvicemaxresdefault bluejacketnohead blueblazerheadless2BlueJacketSuitingUpBlueJacketMannequin-NEW1 menskhakis2RandomGroupjpg

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