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I’m sorry I told you

Tape up those lips

Some cold instruments

When your skin crawls

The glass has frozen

He’s rolling on in

Will someone please

I’ve been in prisons

We don’t know yet

So let it all burn

I once drew maps

Hurl words like lightning

The river’s forever

As vulnerable as

Dmitri, come meet me

We are many

She’ll not see me

We’ve taken on water

My workbench











Bill the white rat

A charming man

You’ll never get through

Educated readers













He and she

What did you see

Crackle and crackle

We fell behind fences

Anxiety monster

Sonnets versus kittens

Shape upon shape

Barry lost friends

I know a trend

The eyes in the sky

Highway Pile-Up

I dwell on planets

What I have done

To defend orange

Too cool for school

Well, I surmise I’m down

The sun also watches

The old scary house

Sometimes at night

Gobs of palm trees

Mountains of madness

Secret small lime

The lawn party

People tend to

Climbing up the wall

Tell me have you

Reading’s a villain

A space that will be

The brightest colors

The word machine

I don’t know whether

My cat’s in my business

Sometimes inspiration

Give it up folks

I’ve drawn so near

Tiny holes

You know you own


Big days

At the threat center

I don’t mean to gush

Select symbols

To help those

Changes in genre

Gnomes in the nethers

Lunatic fringe

In each of our lives

If I’d rely