Author & Filmmaker Spotlights

This section is devoted to sharing info about authors and filmmakers appearing at conventions and generally spreading the word about their work. As with the reviews and everything else on this site, nobody’s getting paid to write or relay anything that’s up here… or if someone is, um, where’s Cooper’s piece of the action? He may write in third person, which is weird, but he’s doing the work!

Use the menu “Author & Filmmaker Spotlights” above to find the spotlight you want. And if you want Cooper to turn his spotlight on you, get in touch… he doesn’t do spotlights often these days (notice the sevenish-year gap in the list), but he’s always interested in reading something worth praising.


  1. Tony Acree says:

    I want to thank you for including my book in a FandomFest shout out. Mr. Cooper I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the convention. Thanks again!

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