Spotlight: FandomFest 2013

FandomFest Louisville, July 26 – 28

My first spotlight lands on folks who will be with me at the year’s biggest event in Louisville for pop culture film, print, and TV fans, an event coupled with the Fright Night Film Fest, something for someone of my ilk not to miss. To read about me, you’ve got the rest of this site (see the “Books” tab in particular). You can also find me at the Fest at BlackWyrm’s table or at one of these panels: 7/26, 4:00pm, Dynamic Dialogue; 7/26, 7pm, The Writing Business: A Forum; 7/27, 11:30am, Authors Interviewing Authors; 7/27, 4pm, Exploring Horror; 7/27, 5:30pm, Improv Storytelling.

To find out about the entire “Literary Track,” see this file:

2013 Panels for FandomFest

And you certainly don’t want to miss these great artists…


AcreeHandOfGodTONY ACREE will appear with his book THE HAND OF GOD, from Hydra Publications.

It was 6 p.m. when the Devil walked into my office and had a seat. To save his brother’s soul, bounty hunter Victor McCain must find a woman, as dangerous as she is beautiful, while at the same time battling creatures from man’s darkest nightmares. Then there’s the Hand of God, God’s own bounty hunter. In the end, will he be friend or enemy? Only Heaven knows.

Click on the image to find the book on Amazon.

PANELS: 7/26, 4:30pm, Effective Social Media; 7/26, 7pm, A Writer’s Guide to Drinking; 7/27, 4:00pm, 7/27, Game of Thrones; 5:30pm, Improv Storytelling


Reality-Check-Cover-thumbERIC GARRISON writes about alternate realities, ghosts, demons, and even some nasty fairies. His REALITY CHECK is a dimension-hopping science fiction / steampunk adventure from Hydra Publications. FOUR ‘TIL LATE is the haunted road trip that kicks off his epic ROAD GHOSTS trilogy, published by Seventh Star Press. Eric is known as Seventh Star’s Brewmaster, and has spent years as a part-time paranormal investigator. Able to fix 90% of everything with duct tape, Eric is clearly a force to be reckoned with.

Visit Eric on Facebook and on his homepage!

PANELS: 7/26, 5:30pm, Urban Fantasy Today; 7/27, 11:30am, Evolution of Steampunk; 7/27, 4:00pm, Alternate History; 7/27, 5:30pm, Paranormal Explorations; 7/28, 10:00am, Beta Reading; 7/28, 1:00pm, The Future of Physical Books


MedicHaracIAN “LIZARD” HARAC has published two books with BlackWyrm Publishing, MEDIC and THE RAINBOW CONNECTION, and he has contributed to more RPG books than he cares to count.This year, he was the ConGlomeration Author Guest of Honor.

Perhaps most important of all, it’s not too late for YOU to get help meet extended goals of Lizard’s Kickstarter project, “Rogue Planet: Adventures on the Star Prison.” For details, visit

Also visit Lizard’s main website.

PANELS: 7/26, 4:00pm, Dynamic Dialogue; 7/27, 11:30am, World Building 101; 7/27, 4:00pm, Game of Thrones


spechthollySELAH JANEL is an author who strives to turn every speculative genre on its head. The author of HOLLY AND IVY with Mocha Memoirs Press, she also has had stories in multiple anthologies (most recently The BIG BAD: AN ANTHOLOGY OF EVIL), and various magazines. OLDE SCHOOL, the first book in the KINGDOM CITY CHRONICLES, is set for release this year through Seventh Star Press. A costume designer, seamstress, performer, and puppeteer, Selah doesn’t shy from a chance to take an idea and make it happen.

Visit Selah on Facebook and on her homepage!

PANELS: 7/27, 10:00am, Cheap Easy Cosplay; 7/27, 11:30am, Authors Interviewing Authors; 7/27, 4:00pm, Exploring Horror; 7/27, 5:30pm, Improv Storytelling


Young Blood Movie PosterMAT AND MYRON SMITH PRODUCTIONS present a girl who discovers she can make big changes with even bigger consequences. Anavey Winchester (Autumn Ward), with the loyal help of her innocent little sister Anastasia (Zoe Cox), form an army of young bloodthirsty vampires to kill all the adults. With performances by Butch Patrick (THE MUNSTERS), Jamison Newlander (THE LOST BOYS), Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Ent.), Count Smokula, Sal “The Vampire Santa” Lizard, and many others, YOUNG BLOOD will keep you on the edge of your seat and forever remind parents to fear their children.

Look up Mat and Myron Smith Productions on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and IMDb!



SecretSarahPenningtonMATT J PRODUCTIONS presents the horror/thriller feature THE SECRET OF SARAH PENNINGTON, starring five-time world champion noodler and star of Hillbilly Handfishin’s, Skipper Bivins in his first feature length role.  It also features Amusement Film’s Pat Bishow known for his movies Soul Tangler, El Frentico and Go Girl and Girls From H.A.R.M. It will screen at Fright Night Film Fest on July 28th at 3:30PM in the Laffoon Room.






Gemini's War(1)AMY McCORKLE is an award-winning blogger and a successful author in both the sci-fi erotic romance genre, with NO ORDINARY LOVE, and the upcoming release ANOTHER WAY TO DIE, a dark romantic suspense tale. She also has been contracted for GLADIATOR, a Mad Max meets Gladiator series set to be a trilogy. Hydra Publications recently released SET FIRE TO THE RAIN, and her first print novel, BOUNTY HUNTER, is due in October.

Visit Amy on Facebook or on her homepage.

PANELS: 7/28, 10:00am, Effective Ebook Marketing; 7/28, 11:30am, Successful Self pub



ParnellChaosCoverBRAD PARNELL will sign and discuss CHAOS’ CORNER, the second part of THE LEGEND OF GWERNITHA trilogy. In the first book a young man has a life-changing experience during his short visit. In the second book, his friend spends a lifetime in Gwernitha growing up, learning how to survive, and ultimately becoming an unwitting catalyst in an alien’s genocidal plot.

Visit Brad on Facebook or on his homepage!

PANELS: 7/27, 10:00am, Approaches to Character Development; 7/27, 11:30am, World Building 101; 7/27, 1:00pm, Young Adult Fiction: A Forum; 7/28, 11:30am, Animals in Fiction



deathsword_200x300PAMELA TURNER likes to twist notions of good and evil in her angel paranormal/urban fantasies. DEATH SWORD is the first in a proposed series about angels of death fighting against one of their own. Her urban fantasy romance, EXTERMINATING ANGEL, is scheduled to be published by Lyrical Press in 2014. She’s also published a short dark suspense story, “FAMILY TRADITION,” with MuseItUp Publishing, and four stories in the TEN TALES anthologies.

Visit Pam at her website and her blog!

PANELS: 7/27, 1:00pm, Plotter or Pantser; 7/27, 7:00pm, Love and Sex for Geeks



EarthSongOvertureMARK WANDREY has been working on the EARTH SONG series for many years and was published some years ago under the title AVATAR’S OVERTURE. Be sure to check out the new, substantially revised version!

Earth Song: Sonata in Orionis is coming August, 2012, with Earth Song: The Lost Aria to follow in early 2013. Mark will be at DragonCon in Atlanta, GA, August 31-Sept. 3, 2012.

Visit Mark on Facebook or on his blog!

PANELS: 7/26, 5:30pm, Writing a Series; 7/27, 10:00am, Approaches to Character Development; 7/27, 11:30am, World Building 101; 7/27, 1:00pm, Young Adult Fiction: A Forum


Cover of Trajan's ArchMICHAEL WILLIAMS, author of a dozen strange books, began his novelist’s career with the famous DRAGONLANCE series (WEASEL’S LUCK and GALEN BEKNIGHTED).  He is the author of the critically acclaimed ARCADY and ALLAMANDA (1995 & 1996) and, most recently, TRAJAN’S  ARCH and VINE: AN URBAN LEGEND—novels he characterizes as “mythical realism”.  Williams is an Assistant Professor in Humanities at the University of Louisville, where he specializes in Modern Fiction and the Fantastic.


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