The Body Is Filth


The body is filth. “Adult” we don’t do.

What’s unsafe for kids has no place at all.

A fist in a fuck, a suck-savor crawl—

Please! To indulge such a scene is taboo.

Instead keep it holy, righteous, and true;

Banish the cheap thoughts brought on by the Fall.

Lock up your naughties, the snatch, schlong, and ball,

The tit, the asshole, the nip and mouth, too.

That we were born with such things gives no pause

To the pious commanders of thinking

Whose task is reversing humanity.

They strip our minds naked enough to cause

Abnegation, devotion unblinking,

A wedding day to their insanity.

Talking to you is way more interesting than talking to myself. What do you think?

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