Ladder Day Storytelling (Never Too Early To Scare Yourself Silly)

It’s the story of a man who wakes up stripped to his underwear inside a giant aquarium. He learns that some things should have bones, and some things shouldn’t, but which is which becomes confusing.

It’s the story of a very special sandwich.


It’s called “DNA,” and the collection Missing Pieces VI, which pulls together authors from the 2014 Gen Con (and debuted at Gen Con 2015), was kind enough to include it among diverse tales of fantasy, science fiction, adventure, suspense, mystery, and more.

I go further into both sci-fi and dark comedy than I usually do, but my contribution is horror, with a heavy helping of splatter. Tentacles do make an appearance, but readers familiar with my other fiction will recognize signatures from my Fincherverse despite the quasi-Lovecraftian red herring. The story is part of a larger sequencethus it really fits with the anthology title, at least for now…

(From an earlier post… the Peritoneum cover is a placeholder, as the book does not yet exist.)


Sorry. Busy century or so.

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