Fandomfest 2015!

This weekend I’m hanging out with (or at least near) Carrie Fisher (yep, Princess Leia, but she offers much more, too), Kevin Smith, folks from TORCHWOOD, and other transcendental coolness at Fandomfest 2015,


While you’re checking out the movie and TV stars, though, you do need to check out us author types. I’ll be on panels a lot of the time and hanging out in the vendor hall when possible, otherwise drifting Saturday and Sunday, absorbing cultural overload bliss.

Mine plan:



Exploring Urban Legends
Room 203

Exploring Urban Legends (Horror Genre Panel): Join our authors in a discussion about urban legends, including their roots, their influence, and how they change and grow as they work their way into the culture, including novels, comics/graphic novels, and films.
L. Andrew Cooper, S.C. Houff, Michael West, Brick Marlin, J.H. Glaze




Room 202

Urban legends/religious imagery/horror formats are all used by the hit show Supernatural. Fairy tales and myths are all explored as well. How has the horror Sci Fi show shaped or influenced these various genres in the way they are used today?. Supernatural also has several media tie-in books too. Come join our panel of writers for a discussion of all things Supernatural!
Rebekah McAuliffe, L Andrew Cooper, S.C Houff, Addie King, Rachael Lanham Rawlings



The Walking Dead
Room 203

A wildly popular television series, The Walking Dead has its roots in the graphic novel world. It has also seen a successful transition to the world of novels as well. Come and join our authors in a discussion of The Walking Dead, from the show to the graphic novels and books. In what way are they different? Are there major changes in each of them? Definitely an interesting topic for fans to discuss!
L. Andrew Cooper (M), Chris Brown, Michael West, Jetti Necole





Mini-Series Discussion
Room 203

Mini-Series Discussion: Books are often translated to the screen. The most common avenue is books into feature films, but mini-series offer another outlet for bringing the page to the screen. Explore the ways some books are made into a miniseries, comparing this with movies and even episodic television. Zoo by Patterson, Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining, The Stand are all examples of bestsellers turned into mini-series. What are your thoughts on the mini-series format and its effectiveness for adaptation?
Amy McCorkle, L. Andrew Cooper, Dave Creek, Addie King, Glenn Porzig




Paths of Publishing
Room 202
Explore the paths of publishing with publishing professionals and published authors. Today’s publishing world offers several paths, from self-publishing, to small and independent press publishing, to major traditional publishing.
L. Andrew Cooper, Amanda Rotach Huntley, Philomena Anastasia, Sandy Lea Sullivan, Marian Allen, Lee Martindale (M)




Writers Interviewing Writers

Room 202

Come for a fun panel featuring a group of published writers, interviewing each other. Expect the unexpected when it comes to the questions!
Lee Martindale (M) Atty Eve, Mysti Parker, Jetti Necole, Tony Acree, J.H. Glaze, L. Andrew Cooper


Talking to you is way more interesting than talking to myself. What do you think?

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