by Christopher Kokoski

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to my friend L. Andrew Cooper for inviting me to contribute a guest post to his website. Today, I’ll delve into my collection of horror and paranormal novels, discussing how their dark spiritual and philosophical themes give them distinct positions within the marketplace.

The Past Lives Novel Series: Diving into the Spiritual Abyss of Reincarnation

The Past Lives novel series is a chilling saga that delves deep into the concept of reincarnation.

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Imagine waking up one day and finding out that you are a reincarnated serial killer. Under hypnosis, the protagonist of the series—Eric Shooter—goes through a transformative journey, coming face to face with his dark past.

The books blend horror elements with philosophical musings, offering readers an intellectual thrill ride.

What sets the series apart from most paranormal fiction is its unapologetic exploration of darker themes that many authors might fear to explore. It’s a cautionary tale, a reflection on the nature of evil that resides in each one of us, lying dormant until awakened.

Wicker Hollow: A Town Caught in a Spiritual War

I also wrote a standalone novel that fits into our darker theme. Wicker Hollow takes you to a small town where good and evil clash in unprecedented spiritual warfare between angels and demons.

The protagonist, a man struggling to redeem himself, gets entangled in this cosmic conflict, putting not just his life but also his family at risk. While the backdrop might be fantastical, the moral and emotional struggles are deeply human, capturing the complexities of morality and redemption.

Wicker Hollow packs expansive themes into its pages. It offers a different kind of horror—the existential kind, posing questions about morality, life, and what it means to be truly redeemed. The book carves its own niche within spiritual and paranormal fiction, seamlessly combining elements of both.

Contributing to Short Story Collections: Reimagining Frankenstein’s Monster

Beyond my novels, I’ve also contributed to various short story collections, one of which focuses on a unique twist on Frankenstein’s monster. The short story takes an iconic figure from horror literature and transforms him with even more layers infused with both horror and sympathy.

Through my short stories, I aim to stretch the boundaries of conventional horror and introduce new thinking and perspectives that add depth to traditional horror archetypes.

The Importance of Horror and Supernatural Fiction in the Marketplace

In a market saturated with genre fiction, horror and the supernatural maintain a special, unyielding place.

These genres allow us to explore spiritual and existential questions within the safety of the written word. The market for horror and supernatural fiction is not just about entertaining but also about educating, offering readers a cathartic space to face, understand, and perhaps overcome their own fears.

Conclusion: Beyond Novels – Tips and Tricks on Writing Horror

While I find immense joy in writing novels and short stories, I also regularly write blog posts on writing techniques specifically related to horror and paranormal fiction. Topics include “How to Describe a Ghost,” “How to Write a Funeral Scene,” and even “How to Describe a Scream.” For those interested in the art of writing within this genre, you can find these resources on my website,

Thank you for taking the time to explore the darker corners of the mind with me. Until next time, tread lightly in the shadowy recesses of your imagination.

About the Author

Christopher Kokoski is an author and blogger. Some of his notable works include Wicker Hollow, the Past Lives Series, and the Query Letter Swipe File. Learn more about him on or sign up for his blogging newsletter at

By Andrew

L. Andrew Cooper specializes in the provocative, scary, and strange. Stains of Atrocity, his newest collection of stories, goes to uncomfortable psychological and visceral extremes. His latest novel, Crazy Time, combines literary horror and dark fantasy in a contemporary quest to undo what may be a divine curse. Other published works include novels Burning the Middle Ground and Descending Lines; short story collections Leaping at Thorns and Peritoneum; poetry collection The Great Sonnet Plot of Anton Tick; non-fiction Gothic Realities and Dario Argento; co-edited fiction anthologies Imagination Reimagined and Reel Dark; and the co-edited textbook Monsters. He has also written more than 30 award-winning screenplays. After studying literature and film at Harvard and Princeton, he used his Ph.D. to teach about favorite topics from coast to coast in the United States. He now focuses on writing and lives in North Hollywood, California.

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