SPECIAL EVENTS: Readings on October 27

This Saturday, October 27, I’ll read my fiction alongside other BlackWyrm Publishing authors at two different events:

What’s in store? At A Reader’s Corner, I’ll read a new version of my short story “The Fate of Dr. Fincher.” It’s the story that started it all, where “it all” is a cascade of horrors in my brain, horrors manifested so far in the form of several unpublished short stories and my forthcoming novel Burning the Middle Ground. While Burning the Middle Ground makes sense on its own, “The Fate of Dr. Fincher” reveals the first step in the wicked doctor’s world-changing scheme. The first step takes place in the early 20th century, when a young man named Louis Jardin finds Dr. Fincher’s dead body. This step marks the trail that leads inexorably to Burning the Middle Ground.

At The Bard’s Town, I’ll read the prologue from Burning the Middle Ground. Set in the present–a century after “The Fate of Dr. Fincher”–Burning the Middle Ground is the first in the series of novels that will reveal what the wicked doctor has been planning.

At A Reader’s Corner, I’ll appear alongside Michael Williams and William Levy, and Teddi Robinson will join Michael, William, and me at The Bard’s Town. As if my first public fiction reading in a decade weren’t nerve-wracking enough, I know Michael is a magnificent reader, and I suspect William and Teddi are as well.


If you’re in the Louisville area, I hope we see you at one or both events!

Talking to you is way more interesting than talking to myself. What do you think?

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