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Having spent the last several weekends–in reverse order– at Fright Night Film Fest, Night Risers, Imaginarium, Scarefest, [weekend off], DragonCon, [weekend off], and GenCon, I think I can now claim that I have launched the new book. I can also claim to be both exhausted and exhilarated. First, although DragonCon was back in my home town, Atlanta, and GenCon was in my new neighbor state Indiana, in what I find so far to be the very pleasant city of Indianapolis, the rest of this time I’ve spent right in Kentucky, where I find myself growing fast roots. This area seems to be an inexhaustible source of creative thinkers working outside the mainstream, a place where I can find imaginations akin to mine, not afraid to put more than a toe in the dark waters but to leap in head first….


In the midst of it all, I am very grateful to RUE MORGUE magazine as well as fellow authors who took the time to look at advance copies of the book and to support the launch with some of the kindest notices I have ever received. THANK YOU!


“horror enthusiasts will have another book to add to their reading lists this fall”

— Victoria Brown, www.rue-morgue.com (SINISTER SEVEN)

“Some of these are definitely not for the faint of heart (or stomach), but the detail is chillingly done and effective at evoking a reaction… Don’t read these late at night… unless you like to be scared by a good tale told by someone with a genuinely dark imagination.”

Addie J. King, author of The Grimm Legacy and The Wonderland Woes

Reading Leaping at Thorns takes me back to my childhood, and those sleepless nights of reading Stephen King’s Night Shift and Clive Barker’s Books of Blood. Cooper can scare, shock, and more than that, get you to think about things you never considered before, and perhaps, were frightened to even contemplate. A real triumph!

Michael West, bestselling author of Cinema of Shadows, Spook House, and The Wide Game.

Leaping at Thorns, a NEW collection of short stories from L. Andrew Cooper, will leave you paranoid! The stories make even the bravest souls cringe in shock and horror. For fans of the genre, this is a rare and fantastic treat, sure to give you gooseflesh and nightmares!

John F. Allen, author of The God Killers (Ivory Blaque Series)

Once you start an L. Andrew Cooper story, you can’t stop, even if you have to squint between the fingers of your hand as it covers your face. Here’s a collection of 15 such stories. Modern horror at its best, Enjoy.

R.J. Sullivan, author of Haunting Obsession

Leaping at Thorns is a collection of 15 unputdownable tales of terror by L. Andrew Cooper. I was reminded of the quote by Abraham Lincoln: “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” However, in the case of this book there’s no either/or fallacy/scenario, as the thorns themselves are the roses. Cooper both frequently and brilliantly focuses on the human element in his tales with the protagonists’ flaws and pains exposed for the reader to vicariously revel in while the darkly delightful antagonists/’archfiends’ of all shapes and sizes are oftentimes taking a back seat in the storylines which many would argue is the hallmark of great writing. Plus, there are humorous touches added to break up the bleakness with great wordplay throughout–the titles “Zero Patients” and “Worm Would” come to mind. Highly recommended!

G.L. Giles, author of Water Vamps

Each story reads like a frightening nightmare from which you don’t want to wake.

Christopher Kokoski, author of Dark Halo

Cooper’s imagination delves into the bizarre, creating horrific images through windows in our minds to view.

Brick Marlin, author of Land of the Dead

By Andrew

L. Andrew Cooper specializes in the provocative, scary, and strange. His current project, The Middle Reaches, is a serialized epic of weird horror and dark fantasy on Amazon Kindle Vella. His latest release, Records of the Hightower Massacre, an LGBTQ+ horror novella co-authored with Maeva Wunn, imagines a near-future dystopia where anti-queer hate runs a program to "correct" deviants. Stains of Atrocity, his newest collection of stories, goes to uncomfortable psychological and visceral extremes. His latest novel, Crazy Time, combines literary horror and dark fantasy in a contemporary quest to undo what may be a divine curse. Other published works include novels Burning the Middle Ground and Descending Lines; short story collections Leaping at Thorns and Peritoneum; poetry collection The Great Sonnet Plot of Anton Tick; non-fiction Gothic Realities and Dario Argento; co-edited fiction anthologies Imagination Reimagined and Reel Dark; and the co-edited textbook Monsters. He has also written more than 30 award-winning screenplays. After studying literature and film at Harvard and Princeton, he used his Ph.D. to teach about favorite topics from coast to coast in the United States. He now focuses on writing and lives in North Hollywood, California.

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