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This site’s primary purpose is to provide information about L. Andrew Cooper’s professional and public work to anyone who’s kind enough to take an interest. It is intended to include the following:

  • information about Andrew’s current, past, and future writing projects, some of which is designed to lure you into buying his books
  • professional documents (CV, references, and the like)
  • links to sites of interest

The site’s front page is a blog.

If you’ve gotten this far and are still wondering, L. Andrew Cooper (Lawrence in the public records, Andrew or Dr. Cooper to people who know him) devotes extraordinary time to things provocative, scary, and strange. Works include novels Burning the Middle Ground and Descending Lines; short story collections Leaping at Thorns and Peritoneum (2016); non-fiction Gothic Realities and Dario Argento; co-edited fiction anthologies Reel Dark and Imagination Reimagined; and the co-edited textbook Monsters. After a decade studying literature and film at Harvard and Princeton—specializing in horror—he used his Ph.D. to teach about favorite topics from coast to coast in the United States, publish film criticism in academic and mainstream journals, and spend a year as the “film guy” on Louisville, Kentucky’s WDRB-TV. Having lived all over the U.S. (and travelled the world as much as possible, which is not enough), Cooper strives to be a global citizen, but he grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, an experience his readers encounter often. His global interests provide a never-ending supply of good horror movies as well as annoyance to his cat, Samara, who wishes Andrew and his husband James would just stay home.

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