University of Louisville

  • The university ( Gorgeous campus, bright and diverse students; a budding film program.
  • Division of Humanities ( A truly interdisciplinary program doing leading-edge work in several areas.
  • Film and Digital Media ( The Film and Digital Media minor launched in 2011. Next stop, transforming Louisville into a buzzing center of film activity.
  • Floyd Theater ( The official campus theater, with a combination of mainstream and art-circuit films likely to appeal to everybody at some point.
  • Student Activities Board Film Committee ( The folks in charge of a lot of the programming at the Floyd.
  • Speed Art Museum ( In addition to cool exhibits of other art forms, the Speed regularly hosts film-related events in a comfy screening space.

Louisville-Area Awesomeness

  • Louisville Film Society ( A fun mix of filmmakers, scholars, aficionados, and people who just like a good movie now and then.
  • Pandora Productions ( Pandora not only shatters stereotypes by being a community-supported LGBTQ theater organization in a southern/midwestern area–they also put on great shows.
  • Wild and Woolly ( Andrew doesn’t go very often because he has an online DVD buying addiction, but this indie video store is cinephile heaven. Cool people work there, too.
  • Blackwyrm Publishing ( They publish compelling works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, including recent novels by UofL professor Michael Williams.

Other Things Andrew Wants You To Know About

  • The Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship ( Andrew spent six years at Georgia Tech connected to this program, of which he remains fond.
  • Reel Splatter Productions ( Director Mike Lombardo has the potential to push horror cinema to a higher level.

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