I’m a real boy! Er, writer. Last night I officially launched my novel Burning the Middle Ground, and the official release date for my new academic work Dario Argento is Dec. 10. Of course, both of these books are now available (click the pic)…

Burning the Middle Ground cover  Dario Arrgento book cover

In the week that Burning the Middle Ground has been available, more than 400 people have gotten e-copies. I don’t have data for print copies or for Dario Argento, but what this one data point means is that people I don’t know are actually reading my work. I know that happened with Gothic Realities and Monsters, too, but it’s still trippy….

400+ in a week is way cool by academic book standards, but I need your help if the numbers are going to mean anything by novel standards. And to be clear, you don’t need to spend any money to help. I need reviews! I need likes (look on the right side of the page)! I need you to forward the news to your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the other resources that take only a few seconds’ worth of clicking! Many thanks.

Thanks also to the awesome people who came to my launch last night. The audience included admirable authors Michael Williams and Andrew Toy. Y’all rock.

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  1. Carol Senf says:

    My book club is hoping to read this book and invite the author down for a conversation. If we can agree on a time, he will be the fourth writer to share his vision with us. Prior to Andrew will be a mystery writer, a Holocaust survivor, and a non-fiction account of racism in Mississippi.

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